Web Presenters are personalised welcome video messages for visitors to your website. They give a human touch to your online presence showing potential customers that your company is both friendly and approachable.

Web presenter videos are produced using 'green-screen' technology meaning that we can add logos and graphics to the background to further reinforce your brand and add dynamics to the video.

If you are comfortable in doing so, we would recommend that you 'front' the video yourself. We offer some basic presentation training to help you get your message across effectively. If however, this really isn't your thing, then we have a selection of professional actors and presenters available to deliver your message for you.

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Key Benefits
Provides a friendly, human welcome for your website visitors.
Allows you to portray a professional image and get your message across in a welcoming way.
Text, graphics and products can be used alongside your presentation to reinforce your brand.
Access to our 'Client Area' allows you to keep up to date with production and view proofs online as they become available,
Easy to update as required.
Quick turnaround.
Presentation training available should you wish to front the video yourself
A wide range of professional presenters and actors are available if required.

What's the Cost?
A 30 second web presenter, using a professional presenter can cost as little as £445 + VAT and includes animated graphics and inclusion of your company branding throughout.

All of our presenters are professionally trained and regularly work in both television and radio meaning that they have the skills needed to help deliver your message is the most effective way. Don't be fooled by other video production companies who offer similar services for a fraction of the price - the likelihood is that they will not be using professional presenters and the latest technology to achieve the results you deserve for your business.



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