Advances in CGI Animation technology over recent years means that film makers can now produce amazing motion graphics and animated sequences. What can be achieved with modern technology is now only limited by the designer's creativity.

At Radiquip Productions we offer a comprehensive design service and can create a range of special effects to enhance your video production. Most typically we produce animated logos for use on company websites and animated graphics for award ceremonies, corporate presentations and live events.

If you are looking to make your video more dynamic then the addition of some simple CGI animations can make you stand out from your competitors.

Take a look at the video on the left to see some of the animation work we have recently created for some of our clients.
Animated Logos for Websites
Full design service with access to our online proofing area,
Cost effective - simple logo animations start from £95 + VAT
No filming required. If you already have a logo, your artwork files are usually all we need.
Fast production time.

Video Idents for Productions and Shows
Full design service with access to our online proofing area,
Video Idents can be integrated with still images or PowerPoint presentations to enhance key areas of your production or presentation.
A range of options from simple video idents to comprehensive video sequences,
Can be supplied in a number of formats,
Provides added dynamics and professionalism to any production or event.






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